Retail Therapy: The 7 Biggest Malls in East Africa

These are the top 7 largest malls in East Africa featuring the BBS mall as well as Two Rivers Shopping mall in Kenya

BBS Mall is Kenya's biggest mall in Eastleigh

Prepare to embark on a journey through retail extravagance and shopping splendor as we delve into the vibrant world of East Africa’s grandest shopping destinations. In this exploration of retail magnificence, we’ll uncover seven of the biggest and most captivating malls that East Africa proudly showcases.

From Nairobi’s bustling metropolis to Kampala’s vibrant streets, these malls not only redefine the shopping experience but also stand as impressive landmarks of commercial and architectural prowess. Join us as we venture into these retail havens, where shopping transcends into an immersive adventure.

BBS Mall Eastleigh

Nairobi’s vibrant Eastleigh estate recently witnessed the grand opening of the BBS Mall (Business Bay Square Mall), set to become East Africa’s premier shopping destination. Boasting an expansive 130,000 square meters, BBS Mall is the largest retail complex in Eastleigh and Kenya and is strategically located opposite the Pumwani Maternity Hospital, guided by visionary investors, Ten Commodities and Wholesalers Limited.

BBS Mall is Kenya's biggest mall in Eastleigh

Covering 6.4 acres with an 85% planned built-up area, this colossal project unfolds in two phases, with phase one soon to delight shoppers and phase two featuring hotel and serviced apartment towers. Upon completion, the mall will house a luxurious 7-star hotel, over 3,500 shops, 3 hospitals, 12 banks, 32 restaurants, and ample parking, complemented by residential apartments and a grand mosque.

With esteemed architects and structural engineers at the helm and Ten Commodities and Wholesalers Limited as the driving force, BBS Mall is poised to redefine Eastleigh’s retail landscape.

Two Rivers Shopping Mall, Limuru Road

Nestled along Limuru Road, Two Rivers Mall, is one of East Africa’s largest shopping malls, boasting a vast 67,000 sqm of gross lettable area. Managed by Athena Properties Limited, opened its doors to the public on February 14, 2017, welcoming shoppers to its diverse array of offerings.

Two Rivers Shopping Mall, one of the largest malls not only in Kenya but in East and Central Africa

Two Rivers is home to various food and beverage outlets, fashion emporiums, health and beauty boutiques, banking services, enchanting children’s play areas, and expansive grade A office spaces.

Positioned conveniently in proximity to upscale neighborhoods like Muthaiga, Gigiri, Nyari, and Runda, Two Rivers Mall offers residents and visitors an unrivaled shopping experience, showcasing both high-end local and international brands. Among the illustrious names gracing its retail landscape are the Turkish fashion powerhouse LC Waikiki, the renowned French retailer Carrefour, and the delectable Burger King, to name just a few.

Two Rivers Shopping Mall, one of the largest malls not only in Kenya but in East and Central Africa

Two Rivers Mall offers more than just shopping; it’s also an entertainment hub. The mall boasts of the largest cinema screen in East and Central Africa, catering to movie enthusiasts seeking an immersive cinematic adventure.

Two Rivers Shopping Mall, one of the largest malls not only in Kenya but in East and Central Africa

There are also a host of both indoor and outdoor games including;

  1. Ferris Wheel Ride: Known as the ‘Eye of Kenya,’ it’s the country’s only Ferris wheel, soaring 60 meters high with 40 cabins for panoramic views. Tickets are Kshs 500, and it rotates gently for 14 minutes from 11 am to 9 pm.
  2. Flume Ride: This 7-meter-high log ride with thrilling water drops is for all ages. It’s Ksh 500 per person per ride.
  3. Drop Tower: An exhilarating 17-meter-high drop ride for older children and adults, offering various experiences. For Ksh 500, enjoy stunning views and perhaps a sunset.
  4. Aqua Play: A watery wonderland for kids under 12, perfect for splashing, and it’s free.

Garden City Mall, Thika Road

Garden City Mall is one of Kenya’s first mixed-use developments, seamlessly blending residential, retail, and office spaces. As one of Nairobi’s largest shopping destinations, it presents a diverse selection of both international and top-notch Kenyan brands. The mall’s inaugural phase opened its doors on May 28, 2015, encompassing an impressive 33,500 square meters of retail space. 

Anchored by Carrefour Market, Garden City Mall also boasts a lineup of renowned shops, including TACC Store, Victoria Courts, MAC Cosmetics, Safaricom, Samsung, Salute IWorld (an authorized Apple reseller).

Conveniently situated between Exit 7 and Exit 8 on the Thika Superhighway, a mere 15-minute drive from Nairobi’s CBD, Westlands, or Runda, the mall places sustainability at the forefront of its design and planning. A prominent example is the solar-panelled carport on the mall’s roof, offering shaded parking and standing as one of the most notable installations of its kind in Africa.

Acacia Hub Mall, Uganda 

Acacia Mall, Uganda’s retail gem, stands tall as one of the largest shopping complexes not only in Uganda but also in East Africa. Nestled in the vibrant Kisementi area of Kampala, Acacia Mall embodies a relaxed elegance, catering to the style-conscious shopper.

Acacia hub mall, Uganda, one of the best malls

Its strategic location, close to the heart of Kampala, invites you to explore more than 58 stores, ranging from designer boutiques to lifestyle shops, all the way to trendy restaurants and bars. Conveniently positioned in Kisementi, between Sturrock and Cooper road, this splendid property spans over 35,000 square meters, offering a wide array of merchandise to shoppers from Kampala and its environs.

Acacia hub mall, Uganda, one of the best malls

With a carefully curated portfolio of anchor tenants and international brands, Acacia Mall provides shoppers with the ultimate retail, entertainment, and dining experience.

Milimani City Shopping Mall, Tanzania

Mlimani City, situated on Sam Nujoma Road in Ubungo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, stands as one of the country’s largest shopping malls, covering a substantial area of 30,000 square meters (320,000 square feet). This retail haven celebrated its grand opening in November 2006 and holds the distinction of being Tanzania’s inaugural indoor air-conditioned mall.

Milimani City Shopping Mall in Tanzania, one of the largest malls in Tanzania

Mlimani City hosts an array of retail stores, enticing restaurants, and even a movie theatre, the Century Cinemax. Notable stores include beloved South African and Indian favorites like Choppies (originating from Botswana) and Mr. Price.

Milimani City Shopping Mall in Tanzania, one of the largest malls in Tanzania

Additionally, the mall serves as a hub for various telecommunications service providers, including Airtel, Tigo, and Vodacom. Offering ample parking space, it also houses branches of numerous banks and building societies, complete with convenient ATMs.

City Mall, Dar es Salaam

City Mall in Tanzania is a prominent shopping destination located in Dar es Salaam. With a diverse range of retail outlets, restaurants, and entertainment options, it’s a popular choice for shoppers and leisure seekers.

City Mall in Dar es Salaam

Offering a modern and vibrant atmosphere, City Mall provides a comprehensive shopping experience, making it a favorite destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Oasis Shopping Mall, Uganda

Oasis Mall in Uganda, occupying a spacious two-acre plot, boasts a remarkable shopping complex comprising 58 shopping units.

This expansive retail haven not only fulfills the shopping desires of many but also contributes significantly to the local economy by providing employment opportunities to over 1,000 people. In the heart of Kampala, Oasis Mall stands as a testament to modern shopping and entertainment, attracting visitors from near and far.

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