Langata Neighbourhood Guide

When moving to a new neighbourhood, it is common to have some fear and anxiety about what to expect. Read this Langata Neighbourhood Guide to reduce stress.

Langata neighbourhood guide

Langata is a suburb located South West to the city of Nairobi. It is a residential area with the middle-class people residing there. The property is mostly made of beautiful maisonettes and bungalows. It is made up of smaller estates like Otiende, Onyonka, Nairobi Dam, Ngei, Southlands, Rubia, Madaraka Estate and others.

Langata borders one of the largest slums in Kenya, Kibera. Langata has more affordable housing compared to the neighbouring Karen suburb which is on the east. There are different recreational facilities in Langata such as the shopping malls, restaurants, attractions such as the Nairobi Nationa Park, the Bomas of Kenya and Uhuru Gardens.

Langata Map

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Langata has always been a family-oriented neighbourhood evident in the compounds and play areas that are visible when you tour the place. Over the years, there has been a growth in the number of apartments which has enabled younger people to live in Langata. You will find people who are starting out living alone, working-class and entrepreneurs all choose Langata as a place to call home.

Property Prices

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Schools in Langata

Whichever level your child is in when it comes to education, there are a variety of learning institutions in Langata and its environs. Some of the schools include the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), and Sunshine Secondary School. Other schools include Don Bosco Primary School, Langata Road Primary School, Soweto Academy, St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School, The Nairobi Japanese School and Kibra Academy Secondary School.

Restaurants in Langata

It is not easy to miss a place to eat when you are in the Langata environs thanks to the numerous eateries in the area and along Langata Road. Let’s begin with the famous Carnivore Restaurant. If it’s not the cultural nights or the ambience, you must visit it to sample the meat. They’re known to host several themed nights and concerts for both local and international artists. It’s also perfect for family gatherings and parties thanks to the open grounds.

If you ask around for an “all-you-can-eat” meat restaurant, Carnivore will be first on the list. They offer a variety of meat like crocodile, ostrich, snake, chicken, lamb, pork, camel all roasted and carved on your table. The way it works, so long as your flag is up flying, they will continue bringing the meat until you ask for a timeout to rest. You then continue eating until you feel full. Just remember, you can’t carry the meat home.

Other restaurants include Airport Lounge at Wilson Airport Off Langata Rd, Barrels Pub, Artcaffe Galleria, Big Square Wilson Airport, Brent Bar and Grill, Bombay Grills, Blackbox Lounge, Chicken Inn, Food Solace, and Java House (Wilson Airport and Galleria).

Hospitals in Langata

Some of the hospitals you will find are Langata Hospital, St. Mary’s Mission Hospital (STMMH) and Avenue Healthcare Langata Clinic. The other hospital close to Langata is Karen Hospital.

Shopping Malls

You cannot miss a place to shop when you are in Langata. Because it neighbours Kibera, the people who live there can buy cheap food from the vibandas and mama mboga making you spend some time from cooking. Other places to shop include Cleanshelf Supermarket,  Langata Shopping Center, Galleria which has many retail stores, restaurants, banks and ATMs and other amenities. Another great mall along Langata Road is T-Mall.

Things to Do

Nightlife: If you are in Langata, you can’t miss to check out 1824 The Whiskey Bar and Lounge. Commonly referred to as Sunday School, by people who frequent it mostly on Sunday’s, you will find a variety of whiskeys to sample and enjoy the rustic ambience. Right at the corner is Rafikiz Lounge, a bit more chilled compared to 1824.

Visit the Bomas of Kenya which is along Langata Road to learn about different Kenyan cultures. It is a great tourist attraction centre for both people who live locally and internationally.

Uhuru Gardens is another magnificent place to visit with friends and family. It is the largest memorial park in Kenya with historical facts about Kenya. This is where the first Kenyan flag was hoisted. Just like Carnivore, people host concerts and other recreational activities such as weddings, corporate events, school trips and more in the gardens.

If you are an animal lover, visiting the National Park at the Kenya Wildlife Service is the closest you will get to see them. In the whole world, this is the only park located within a major city. Take the Safari Walk and see different animals such as antelopes, zebra, white rhino, lions and leopards. Remember to carry binoculars, water, sunglasses and a camera. You will get to see over 400 bird species.


The construction of the Bypass highways in Nairobi has eased the traffic situation in most parts of the city. Langata was one of the notorious places that people dreaded being in due to sitting in traffic for hours as they were heading to and from work.

After the completion of the Southern Bypass, it is easier to move around the city; if you are going to the airport, the Bypass is the fastest way to get to Mombasa Road from Langata. It is also easier to get to Karen, Kikuyu, Ngong Road and Waiyaki Way.

When using public means, catch a No. 15 from Bus Station to Langata. The matatu will branch off Nyayo Stadium from Uhuru Highway. Langata Road is one of the roads affected by major traffic during peak hours. If you intend to get to work on time in the morning, you should make a point of being on the road by 6.30 a.m. If you are using private means, the Bypass to Mombasa Road or Ngong Road is the best way to move around to access other areas in the city.



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