The Largest Roundabout in East and Central Africa

Learn about East Africa’s largest roundabout, the Globe Roundabout, and its pivotal role in city connectivity and traffic flow, and impact on urban development.

The largest roundabout in Kenya and East Africa. The Globe Roundabout

Nairobi, the hub of East Africa, is the home to the largest roundabout in East and Central Africa – The Globe Roundabout. This critical traffic junction plays a pivotal role in the city’s transportation network.

Spanning a length of 0.58 kilometers, this metric underscores its sizeable footprint in the city’s layout. The Globe Roundabout is located next to the University of Nairobi in Nairobi Area, Kenya. 

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Traffic Integration at Globe Roundabout

Globe roundabout Serves as a gateway to several key neighborhoods and integrates traffic from major roads like Murang’a Rd, Kipande Rd, Moi Avenue, University Way, and Kirinyaga Rd.

Constructed during the Thika Super Highway project from 2010 to 2012, the Globe Roundabout boasts an overpass connecting Ngara and commuters from Pangani and Thika Superhighway directly to Nairobi’s CBD, effectively mitigating traffic congestion.

In addition to its utilitarian function, the Globe Roundabout is central to Nairobi’s urban landscape. It efficiently channels traffic from the Eastern suburbs, Westlands, and central Kenya into the city. 

The Hon. John N. Michuki Memorial Conservation Park

Adjacent to the Globe Roundabout lies the Hon. John N. Michuki Memorial Conservation Park, formerly known as Mazingira Park.

This conservation park stretches along the Nairobi River, encompassing an area of approximately 12.30 hectares, from the Globe Roundabout to Museum Bridge. Established in 2008, this park is a testament to concerted efforts aimed at creating a public recreation area.

It stands on what was once a dumpsite and a notorious criminal hideout, bearing witness to the transformation of an urban blight into an ecological haven. The park was named in honor of the late Environment Minister Hon. John Michuki, whose legacy is closely tied to the rehabilitation and restoration of the Nairobi River.

This green space not only enriches the urban landscape but also stands as a living memorial to environmental conservation efforts in Nairobi, reminding residents and visitors alike of the city’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage for generations to come.

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Underneath the roundabout flows the Nairobi River, an engineering aspect that adds complexity to its design.

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However, despite its infrastructural significance, the Globe Roundabout area has gained notoriety for safety concerns. Incidents of mugging and theft prompted the National Police Service to issue a public alert in 2022, urging increased vigilance.

The Globe Roundabout is a vital piece of Nairobi’s infrastructure, effectively easing traffic congestion and ensuring the smooth flow of commuters. While it stands as a testament to urban planning, it also highlights the ongoing need for safety measures in busy urban centers.
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