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Did you know that the best time to house hunt is during the holiday season? Looking for a house for rent in Nairobi is easier and faster. Find out why.

House hunting during Christmas

Did you know that the best time of the year to go house hunting is during the holiday season? You might be wondering why. The new year brings about new beginnings and a fresh start. Which means, some people will be moving from their current houses which will make it easier to find an apartment for rent or even bedsitters in Nairobi.

House hunting takes time. With a busy schedule, you probably look for houses over the weekend only. Which leaves you with little time to search properly and rest. However, over the holiday season, you have more time on your hands because you could go on leave. Also, most businesses are on a go-slow making December the perfect time to go house hunting.

What are the benefits of house hunting over the holiday season?

More People at Home

house hunting over the holidays

If you want to know how busy a neighbourhood is, visit it when schools are closed. You will either find kids outside playing or it just won’t be as peaceful as you would have liked it. Imagine trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning and you are woken up by the sound of children playing.

Another good time to go house hunting is on a Sunday. The church crusades are something else, especially the ones that go on for an entire day. They could easily make you reconsider your move because you won’t get the peace of mind you hoped to get when you move.

Just like mentioned above, you have more time to look for a house. Whether you are working with a real estate agent or searching on your own, December is an ideal time to house hunt. You could even look for property in the week because your workload is not as much compared to other times in the year.

If you plan on moving in January, you have ample time to look for property online or walk around in different neighbourhoods to see the available options. This means you won’t make a rushed decision to move out. Also, when you do find a house, you have more time to assess it and make any necessary changes before you move in.

Personalized Time from Agent

agent showing a house

Between December and January, agents experience a low season. The locals are not renting or buying property. When you call them to help you find a house, they are more than eager to help you, seeing that they don’t have many clients they are working with.

On the flip side, this is the best time for a foreigner searching for property in Kenya. When they come to the country for vacation, they have limited time to search for property to buy. Whatever the case, remember to communicate effectively with your agent on what you are looking for.

Real Estate Season is Low

Getting an affordable house for rent in Nairobi takes time and effort. In Nairobi, decent houses are close to the CBD but expensive. For instance, the average price of a one-bedroom in Kilimani is Kshs 45,000 to Kshs 60,000 while the same house in an area such as Kinoo can go for Kshs 18,000 to Kshs 20,000.

During the Christmas season, most businesses are on a go-slow. People are not moving to certain neighbourhoods because there is no money. Agents will do double work to make sure that they get business for their clients (landlords and developers).

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Available Handymen

Different stakeholders in the real estate sector are easily available because they too are on a go-slow. Agents, moving companies and fundis have fewer clients to work with meaning they have more time to spare and help with your move.

Get Enough Time to Relax

woman relaxing at home

If you are looking for a house in December, chances are you want to move at the beginning of the year. House hunting is tiresome. You walk around all day in the hopes that you will find the “right” one. There is motivation to find a house quickly before the new year.
The holiday season is a time to rest and relax. What better way to do so than going on vacation? You don’t want to spend your holiday house hunting. You need a break so that you can re-energize for the new year.

Take Advantage of Christmas Offers

Before you move houses, you must shop! Whether you want to buy a fridge, iron box, utensils, or microwave, there are many offers during the holiday season. Take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Special deals all which sell items at reduced prices.

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