Homes of the Future: The Rise of Smart Homes And AI

Smart homes are now a reality and you can automate your home to achieve a lot, with the current technology. Here are some ideas for such homes.

smart homes

Technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives. The world is now moving towards automation and even the home front is part of this process. You can now automate several aspects of your home such as the alarm system, the lighting systems, ventilation, and heating. Through automation of the home, you can now monitor and control your home remotely, which also increases the security of your house and gives you the freedom to attend to other matters outside your home without worrying. With automation and robotics rising, any electric gadget can be placed on a network and you control it remotely.

So, just what does a smart home entail?

It Has Intelligent Appliances

Benefits of a smart house - Smart houses in Kenya

From a cooker which can cook an entire meal with no human intervention to a robot which can run the home, home appliances can now do all the work while you sit down and relax at the end of a busy day, or you run your errands. While this technology is still being improved and is largely a preserve of the very wealthy, there are signs that it could become a key part of society, as artificial intelligence takes shape. If you want to make your home smart, start by investing in some smart appliances which will help you get the house chores done while you focus on other things.

Artificial Intelligence Will Do All The Work

Benefits of a smart house - Smart houses in Kenya

From Google Home to Amazon Echo, the world has seen machines do things that could only be done by human beings before. The AI machines can take commands such as switching on music, switching on the lights, changing TV stations, turning on the heater, among others. Just imagine getting home after a long day at work and just issuing commands to get things done just the way you like them done. That is not all, Moley, a leading IT company in the world has been conducting research on a domestic robot, which has the ability to replicate human gestures and perform many human activities.

Improved Security and Surveillance

Benefits of a smart house - Smart houses in Kenya

This may sound like something straight out of a movie scene but it’s not. All those wonderful security and surveillance gadgets are now becoming reality, thanks to advancements in technology. Infrared lights are now becoming a reality and as much as defensive technology is becoming scary, it is actually improving safety and security. With the rise of surveillance and security technology, keeping your home safe will now be a lot easier.

Saving Energy Is Now A reality For Smart Homes

Benefits of a smart house - Smart houses in Kenya

The world is trying to go green and with smart technologies requiring a lot of energy to run, efficiency is the key to saving energy and saving you from paying impossible electricity bills. With smart technology in your home, you can now automate some functions such as switching lights on and off, which is great especially when you have small children in the house. There is already research on how home windows can absorb the sun’s energy in future and generate electricity. With the smart home, being environmentally conscious will happen effortlessly and this will also help you make some savings.

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You Might Be Able To Get Medical Attention At Home

Benefits of a smart house - Smart houses in Kenya

Medical care has come a long way. With medical tech being more equipped to handle your medical needs faster and more effectively, you might soon get all the medical attention you need straight from your home, from preventive care to curative care. At the moment, wearable technology can help you monitor your health and take the necessary action in good time. Currently, some companies like VisitU, a Dutch company, are producing tech which allows patients to have consultations with doctors from their homes, using a 360-degree camera. From the look of things, you can upgrade your home to have a medical tech and hospital visits will soon become necessary only if and when you must go to the hospital.

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The homes of the future will be a lot smarter than current homes, thanks to technology. With all these innovations coming up by the day, you can be sure of a future where you can stay in control of your home from any location.

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