BuyRentKenya and Agema Analysts Content Partnership

BuyRentKenya is pleased to announce a content partnership with Agema Analysts.  Agema is a firm of legal experts with diverse experience and knowledge on legal matters pertaining to real estate. This content partnership aims to educate and inform our readers on important legal real estate matters in Kenya.  Agema Analysts will provide legal opinions and articles that will assist in creating awareness of potential risks, loopholes and necessary (legal) procedures when conducting due diligence before buying or selling property.

Property transactions involve a considerable investment and are a big decision. Given the complexity of real estate laws, even a minor error could result in financial loss. This partnership will be instrumental to ensure that you safeguard your real estate investment and help you avoid common mishaps.  Agema Analysts has in-depth real estate sector experience and  our clients and readers stand to benefit from their experience and knowledge.  Agema has handled matters such as:

  • Legal due diligence in respect of real estate assets including advising on squatter issues, legal peculiarities of agricultural land, laws regulating land-holding by foreigners, change of user processes, issues arising out of easements and encumbrances.
  • Drafting complex property sale and purchase agreements
  • Attending to completion matters including liaising with counter parties such as banks where the purchases are financed
  • Transfer of property and registration formalities
  • Structuring residential estate developments and the key commercial contracts underlying the projects such as preliminary contracts between the developer and the contractor and structuring agreements for lease. 
  • Advising on residential and commercial leasing law and drafting and/or registration of relevant lease, license and tenancy documents
  • Negotiating FIDIC or JCT standard form contracts for contractors or consultants and advising on important attendant issues such as Extension of Time claims, defects liability and related matters.
  • Advising on protections under construction project contracts – preparing performance bonds, advance payment guarantees – as well advising on the requisite construction project insurances.

About Agema Analysts

Agema analysts is an international legal cross border ,investment and risk advisory firm providing strategic advisory services. They offer cutting-edge solutions to critical investment and risk areas based on superior analysis and profound knowledge of relevant target markets. Agema’s diligent and accurate advisory services allow organizations to make informed and ethical decisions and to navigate safely in complex and volatile regions with focus on the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

In addition to real estate and conveyancing they also offer services such as cross border legal advice, institutional and corporate risk advice, political and intelligence analysis. 

For all advisory inquiries pertaining to real estate, Kindly reach out to Divinah Ongaki ( or Elizabeth Omol (

Lilian Makena
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