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Njoro Elburgon Road, Njoro
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The school is situated off Njoro Elburgon road, five kilometres from Njoro town and five hundred meters from the tarmac road. To the North of the school is the panoramic view of Visoi Hills about five kilometres to the North is Egerton University. The school is in a serene outstanding that is conducive to learning. LAND AND BUILDING The school is sited on 6 acres of land as shown below ADMINISTRATION BLOCK In this Block, we have offices for the Director, Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Accounts clerk. We also have the staff room and the reception. This is a stoned block and upstairs that is the library and computer room used for digital lessons. CLASSROOMS There are three blocks of classrooms that form a kind of "U" shape that has 12 classrooms of standards 1-8. Some classes have more than one stream. DORMITORIES This is a mixed boarding and day school and therefore there are two separate dormitories, both are U" shaped. Within the girls' dormitory, we have a two bedroomed self- contained en suite for lady teachers who also double as matrons. The boy’s dormitory has a self-contained room for the boarding master. Inside both dormitories are toilets and bathroom MULTI-PURPOSE HALL There as one large multipurpose hall that is also the dining hall. Attached to it is the kitchen with modem energy saving jikos. Next to the kitchen are food stores. On one end of the hall, we have toilets for both gents and Indies that are accessible from the raised stage at that end. The hall can be used for meeting Drama festival and music festival. Pit latrines are outside in the compound SPORTS FIELD This has pitched for soccer's, volleyball and netball. PERIMETER WALL Around all these buildings, there is a stone perimeter wall with one main gate that is manned 24 hrs by security personnel. LANDSCAPING All the above building form a kind of square and inside this ‘square’ we have professional landscaping with different types of trees, hedges, shrubs and flowers. WATER AND ELECTRICITY The school is served with water from the mains but there is a permanent stone water tank that holds 60,000 litres of water. Electricity is provided by a three-phase transformer outside the school perimeter wall. CONCLUSION The school is populated by pupils from all counties of the republic.F or educational tours the school has two buses, a 51 seater and a 29 seaters.

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