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Land for sale in Njoro Nakuru 350 Acres The main economic activities are agribased industries including vegetable and milk processing, large-scale wheat,flowers and barley farming. Light manufacturing industries such as timber milling, canning, and quarrying are also a mainstay of the local economy. Over the years the Njoro town grew to be an important centre in agricultural research, education and development. The town is home to a campus of the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and Egerton University is situated 5 km south from the town centre. Tourists can visit the the Lord Egerton's Ngata castle, which is run and maintained as a visitor and conference centre by Egerton University which Lord Egerton founded as Egerton Agricultural College in the mid 1930s. The town also boasts of a top golf club and pharmaceutical facility. Agriculture opportunity Njoro stands at an altitude of 1,800 m (6,000 ft) above sea level and has a mild, agreeable climate. Temperatures range between 17–22° C, while the average annual rainfall is in the region of 1,000 mm. this is suitable for farming of flowers , barley , wheat maize and cattle keeping Institution opportunity this land lies on a strategic environment favourable for learning away from noisy areas, being close to prestigious institution like Egerton university, ARVIST college, Njoro boys secondary and etc THE PROPERTY Location: The parcel is located in Njoro North west of Nakuru,8 km from Njoro town on Njoro-Elburgon road .It touches the tarmac and is also bounded by a river on one side. TITLE DETAILS Area: 350 Acres (141.64 ha) Description: The land sit well, flat, its most suitable for farming . Guide price: 1 million per acre

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