7 Unbelievable Homes Around the World

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Ever passed by a house that you felt was needlessly extravagant? You know the one – 3 swimming pools, two tennis courts and grounds so large that they could be declared a national park.

Well, that place has nothing on these. In creating this list we didn’t just consider the pointlessly opulent, we also went for the less costly but straight up odd. So, here are the top 10 homes you won’t believe exist in real life:

1. Japanese Palace, Woodside, California, USA.


Most of us dream of visiting far away countries. Some of us are lucky enough to go. Larry Ellison (net worth: $54bn) took his love of Japan a step further, and brought the country to him. His 24-acre estate is modelled after a Japanese palace, and involved flying in stone, wood and priceless artefacts direct from Tokyo. What’s more 30,000 cubic yards of dirt were excavated so he could build himself a 2 acre lake in the middle of the property…filled with purified water. All this to build a “serene” atmosphere where the billionaire ex-CEO can spend his retirement. Total cost – $60 million.

2. Antilia, Mumbai, India.

How could something so expensive be so ugly? The official cost of this 34-storey home was 1 billion dollars. And it’s for just one family – that of Indian tycoon Mukesh Ambani. Features include 9 elevators, a 50 seat home theatre, a two-storey recreation centre, three helipads, and the feeling that money may indeed be able to buy happiness.



3. Beer Can House.


Who says alcoholics can’t be productive? After realising that his drinking problem was overwhelming the recycling plant and slowly bankrupting him, John Milkovisch decided to put the cans to good use and build this masterpiece. Even the gates are cans!

4. The World’s Slimmest House, Poland.

How about the opposite of opulent? The Keet House in Poland measures just 92-152cm in width, just wide enough to fit the owner’s single bed – talk about economizing. It does raise the question though – what if he puts on some weight in his later years?



5. Transparent House, Japan.


There’s nothing like going to sleep knowing your neighbours are watching. Clearly an example of transparency gone too far, this prototype all-glass house exists in the only place crazy enough to have it – Japan.

6. Rock House, Portugal


Caught between a rock and a hard place, this charming house in the Portguese countryside comes straight out of a fairytale. Just don’t hit your head on the ceiling in the morning – you might not get up again.


7. Azzam, anywhere you can moor it

OK, so not technically a house. However, at 180m long (that’s longer than 12 buses parked end to end), this yacht is so large that you could comfortably live on it. What’s more, with the staff of 50 catering to your ever whim, you’d never have to leave.

Owned by the Sheikh of the United Arab Emirates and constructed at a cost of $622m, Azzam is the most expensive personal ship ever built.

Do you agree with our list? What are the craziest properties you’ve ever seen? Let us know in the comments, or find your own dream home here.

Jill Abura
Jill is a content writer at ROAM, passionate about green building and a future tiny house advocate.