7 Low Cost Studio Apartment Design Ideas

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Studio Apartment Ideas

Studio apartments are not as popular as multi-bedroom apartments because of the small living space but with a little creativity and imagination,  limited space can be fun and comfortable for you. Try out different layouts to give your apartment the full functionality of a multi-bedroom apartment. Here’s how to do it;

Divide & Conquer

Photo Credit: The Barry farm

Create a division between your living areas with classy see-through curtains that will let light through or a mini-bookshelf to block off space for different sides of the apartment. Be careful not to have the space looking cluttered, the goal is to create a “visual division”.

Hang Items

Photo Credit: IKEA

Small storage space? Not a problem. Put hooks on your wall to hang light to middleweight items like pots and pans. Be creative and try to have the hanging items double up as decor.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Photo Credit: Popsugar

Another creative way of creating an illusion of a larger space is by using mirrors. Wall mirrors reflect natural light and bounce it around small spaces. Another clever option is to use mirrored furniture!

Brighten your World

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping

Bright colours in your apartment make small space look bigger. You can either use paint or bright wallpaper. Ensure your windows are also clean at all times to prevent obstruction of natural light in the apartment.

Don’t be Scared to go Big

big bed

Photo Credit: Perfect House

You may think you need to have small furniture in your apartment because of the limited space, but the truth is small furniture makes your apartment look cluttered and clumsy. Invest in a few big pieces to make your apartment feel spacious.

Creative Shelving

shelving ideas

Photo Credit: IKEA

Have a unique shelving unit to create additional storage without taking up floor space. You can use wall shelves, ladder shelves, bookshelves or picture shelves.

Double-Duty Furniture

double duty furniture

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping

Get as many double-duty furniture as you possibly can. A good example is a fold out bed that doubles as a couch, or a bed that has built-in storage and shelves underneath.

Jill Abura
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