8 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Paint Tins at Home

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You don’t have to get rid of all paint tins after a renovation or even after building your very first house. These tins an make a huge difference in your house when decorating. Getting items to decorate your house can be quite expensive, you can do it yourself and save some coins.If you have any saved up in the garage, this is a perfect opportunity to put some of these arty skills to task. Here are 8 creative ways to reuse your old paint tins in the most affordable ways.

1.Use paint cans as flower pots.

This is a classic idea, all you have to do is  clean out your paint cans, and use them as flower pots!. You may also want to put a plastic liner on the inside. You could paint the can with different shades and designs.


2.Use Paint Cans As Coin Banks.

This is perfect to do with the kids.You can let them decorate using construction paper, paint, or even natural things like leaves and rocks. You then have to  cut a hole in the lid to help them drop their coins through.Great way to even teach them about saving.


3.Homemade Candles.

Old paint tins can be used as containers for homemade candles. Smaller tins are best suited for this.You can also paint the cans and decorate. All have to do is melt your wax, add fragrance and oils then stir. You then pour this mixture into the cans.


4.Waste Basket

Wrap a rope in a pretty fabric, then wind it around an old paint tin to create an inexpensive wastebasket for your powder room or for the guest room.


  1. Outdoor Lanterns.

Turn your paint cans into festive outdoor lanterns. You can punch patterns and designs  into the cans with a hammer and nail, and then paint them in a variety of colors. Place small candles  lights inside.


6.Lamp shade.

Cut off the handle of a paint can remove the bottom with a can opener. Create any design you like, then paint.

  1. Jewellery Tin

Using ribbons, pearls and silk flowers you can decorate an empty paint can to create a pretty jewellery box for the girls room or as a gift for a (DIY) minded new mother or bride.


8.Storage for Toys

For those that have children, this can be a great way to store toys. All the blocks that are always lying around the house can have a tidy home.




Nathan Jeffery