Creative Ways Re-Use Old Paint Tins at Home

Reusing Old Paint Tins

The average family has at least two or more old paint tins lying somewhere in the house. With the upcoming do it yourself (DIY) culture that is emerging, re-using these products makes perfect sense. Here is a variety of ways you can use your old crown paints tins:

Class-Up Your Party

For those who like hosting parties, you can glam it up by using the paint tins as ice buckets. Spray paint can add a dramatic effect on the tins that will make them stand out.

Hanging Flower Basket

Pretty flowers can be paired up with the paint tin to make a wonderful hanging basket for the wall.

Shoe Storage

Paint tins can be nailed to the wall to store shoes. This is a great and organized way to hold up light shoes such as sandals and flip-flops.

 Decorative Mirrors

Make your house stand out by fitting mirrors on the lids of the paint tins. This can be done by combining six to seven lids to create a unique and great effect.

 Handy Craft Caddy

This can be achieved by simply using one huge tin and several small tins. The smaller tins will be attached around the large tin and decorated to create a beautiful caddy that can be used to store stationery, thread, needles and kitchen appliances such as wooden spoons.

 Desk Cubbies

For those who have a personal study room at home or a home office, the tins can be used collectively to sort mail and hold office supplies.

Dipped Flower Pots

You can dip the tins in paint to give a decorative look and use them to store plants or flowers. This is favorable for gardeners as they can work for both inside and outside the house: just remember to add drainage holes.

 Homemade Candles

Old paint tins can be used as containers for homemade candles. Smaller tins are best suited for this.

Waste Basket

Wrap a rope in a pretty fabric, then wind it around an old paint tin to create an inexpensive wastebasket for your powder room or for the guest room.

Storage for Toys

For those that have children, this can be a great way to store toys. All the blocks that are always lying around the house can have a tidy home.


Turn your empty tins into festive outdoor lanterns. Use a nail and hammer to punch patterns into the tins then paint them in a variety of colours to bring out the full effect once a small candle is placed inside.

Jewellery Tin

Using ribbons, pearls and silk flowers you can decorate an empty paint can to create a pretty jewellery box for the girls room or as a gift for a (DIY) minded new mother or bride.

Do not just store or throw away your empty paint tins in the house when they can be re-used.

Nathan Jeffery


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