Interior Design Trend Alert: Monochromatic Houses

  | 3 min read
Monochromatic House

A monochromatic house is one that has one colour that is expanded by adding two to three more shades of the same colour to create a balanced look. Monochromatic houses are currently becoming a thing and with over 6000 colour shades that are presently available at Crown Paints, why not join the monochromatic bandwagon and enjoy the full benefit of standing out? You will find that choosing a monochromatic colour scheme will be a smart decision.

In the painting business, there is something called ‘colour chaos’ that happens when you are trying to find the perfect new colour for your house. Picking the perfect colour for your house can be a challenge sometimes and that’s why going down the monochromatic road is a great choice to avoid chaos.

Pick a serene, monochromatic colour scheme for your house as this will create a harmonious look that accents the natural architectural beauty of the house. You will end up saving a whole lot when you use the monochromatic scheme for your house as it has a way of blending with the furniture and adapts beautifully over the years.

Crown Paints have the ideal monochromatic colour schemes that can give you the satisfaction that you need without having to go through a chaotic period. The neutral tones of a monochromatic scheme will allow greater flexibility in choosing accents and furniture as well as allow movement from time to time because nothing really change. This will also save you the need to buy new furniture over the years.

There are many people who prefer a one colour scheme for their house but do not know how to go about it. Truth is, we all love colour but a monochromatic house can bring about a cool, unique and sophisticated twist to space. It will be the best decision you will ever make.

So many people have different challenges when it comes to a scheme for their house. Some are moving into a new house with no furniture and no colour direction, others need help because they made a colour mistake, some want to keep their current furnishings but are looking for a change to freshen things up, others like their colour but they want a monochromatic scheme but don’t know how to go about it. Crown Paints has a team of professionals that can help you make a decision once you are ready to start. They will walk with you every step of the process to give you the best monochromatic experience from the beginning to the end.   

Nathan Jeffery