Location vs Space: Considerations When Buying a House

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Have you ever been in a situation where you get a good house but it’s in a bad location? Or a beautiful house with a small kitchen? Most times when house hunting, you might have to settle on a not so perfect house even if doesn’t fit what you had envisioned.

Anything that makes the buying process simpler and smoother is always a good thing for you. When selecting a location to buy property, certain factors will come into play.

The decision of choosing between space and location when buying a house for the first time is a bittersweet experience. On one hand, you are excited because you found a place to call your own and can do whatever you want. Then on the other, there are other factors you need to consider like if the storage space is ideal to fit all your belongings. How about the neighbourhood? How secure is it? What amenities surround the house? Are there schools in that area? What is the proximity of your house to work?

Chances of you finding the perfect house when you decide to buy is close to impossible. You will have to make compromises and settle for what is available then make changes later once you move in. This doesn’t mean you won’t be happy in the end. There are houses which speak to your gut immediately after you enter them. So if it means you’ll compromise on the condition of the house then that’s a small price to pay for your dream home.

Where is the Balance?

When deciding where to buy a house, proximity to your place of work is important. You want to find a place that will take you a short time getting to the office. A place where you won’t be affected by traffic. The dilemma comes in when you don’t have the budget to find a house close to work. So you have to settle on one that’s outside the city which is usually less pricey.

People want to get a sense of belonging and an association with communities. Because of this, they will want to find an area which promotes family living. Also, the mall should be within a short distance where one can walk or drive.


location vs space

There are people who can’t stand living in small areas. They love their space and will not compromise on it. If you’re one of them and you’re looking for a spacious place that’s within your budget, you might have to settle on living far away from a populated area.

Then there are others who will overlook small spaces. For instance, if they come across a beautiful house with a small living room, they will find ways of making the small space work for them. If you plan on starting a family, getting a neighbourhood with a playground and one that’s close to good schools will be ideal.

If you can’t stay in a small house, decide on the least amount of space you can have before you start house hunting. This information will make it easier for your agent to get you what you want that’s within your budget and in the right location.


At the end of the day, as a buyer, you should always make sure that the property is safe in terms of the structure and it is easy to sell in case you decide to do so later.

Getting a dream home is good but it is also hard. You should come up with a list of “must-haves” and what you can settle on. When speaking to an agent, this information will make it easier for them to help you find a suitable house.

Would you rather have a good house in a bad location or a small house in a good location?

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya


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