8 Appealing Kitchen Styles – Which One Will You Pick?

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There are many kitchen styles to choose from when you decide to build or make renovations to in a house.

Looking at different photos can help you come up with a style that will complement the design of the entire house. Have a look at these kitchen designs and let us know which ones are your favourite.

Mediterranean Kitchen


A Mediterranean kitchen has a distinct style thanks to its beaming ceiling, flared hood and warm coloured hues. You can add bright colours like yellow to make it pop and give it that sun-filled look. It will be appealing and elegant.

Cottage Kitchen


A cottage kitchen gives the impression of a carefree and easy life. The best colours for this type of kitchen is white or cream. To give it a more sophisticated look, don’t be afraid to play with other colour tones.

Modern Kitchen


The term “modern” can be used to mean different things. But when we think modern, we think of frameless cabinets. You won’t see any texture or patterns in this kitchen. They lack additional ornaments but they have a natural shine from the material used.

Farmhouse Kitchen


Farmhouse kitchens provide a warm, homey and rural feel to them. They have shelves mounted on the wall and cabinets with no doors. A typical farmhouse has a stove and wooden floors. You can choose to paint the floors or leave them in their natural state.

Traditional Kitchen

The detail of the decor, material and appliances makes this type of kitchen stand out. The layering of items such as antiques and cabinets compliment each other. The kitchen won’t look like it has too much going on. They have an old-fashioned apron type of sink and chandeliers you would expect to find in the dining room.

Rustic Kitchen


The standard kitchen appliances won’t work well if you are going for a rustic kitchen design. Look for antiques to add to the kitchen while still maintaining that cosy look and feel. Go for items that show their age but are still in good condition.

Contemporary Kitchen


Even though this kitchen might be similar to a modern one, it has a more playful and colourful feel to it. It’s a combination of other kitchen styles. You’ll find cutting-edge appliances, different materials and a mixture of colours.

Coastal Kitchen


If you are looking for a beach experience, you can paint your kitchen a shade of blue to remind you of the calm waters of the ocean. Add accessories that will make you feel like you’re on vacation right from your house.

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya