3 Sure Ways to Increase Listing Visibility on BuyRentKenya

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As a real estate agent or developer, advertising your listing is a vital part of the growth and success of your business. Strategically placing your advertisement to get the most eyeballs will put you at an advantage in terms of generating more interest for your product.

We receive many inquiries on how to increase the listing visibility on the BuyRentKenya portal and these are some of the basics to note.

1. Banners

banner image on buyrentkenya

These are designed to market your brand by associating it with the largest real estate portal in Kenya (BuyRentKenya) or marketing your product to look alike audiences in a different location that your property is not listed.

For example, if you are selling an apartment in Lavington, you can market the same property in Riverside. This means that property seekers shopping in Riverside, who have the same buying power as those in Lavington, will take note of your property and redirect their attention to it, hence generating more visibility and subsequent leads.

2. Listings Package

advertising packages on buyrentkenya

Properties on the website are listed based on the level of priority assigned to them. The package you pay for determines the location of your listing on the website. All listings on BuyRentKenya are standard listings. To increase visibility, you upgrage your package to either: Gold or Silver.

Gold Priority Listings

Gold Listings receive the highest level of priority. They also get the most visibility on any search page. For instance, if a property seeker searches for a house in Karen, the Gold Listing will appear first.

The first 2 slots on the website are Gold Listings. If there are 3 Gold Listings on the site, the 3rd one moves to the next page and sits at the top position. Gold Listings are also featured on the homepage carousel and will appear in the weekly e-newsletter once a month.

Silver Priority Listings

These appear below Gold Listings in terms of prominence on the site. Unlike the Gold ones, Silver Listings are not static. Meaning they alternate between intervals of 24 hours allowing each silver listing to get visibility. Every account gets to enjoy silver priority benefits to some extent depending on your package.

Silver Listings are all branded with the advertising agency’s logo hence driving up the value and user’s trust by being able to associate them with a particular organization.

What about the problem of aging listings you ask? We have developed a way to automatically refresh listings on our site to make sure they don’t cascade further down the list of properties as people add more and more listings each day.

3. Listing Guidelines

guidelines uploading property

When it comes to uploading the actual listing on the website, follow these guidelines to make it stand out to get more leads.

  • Always add the right information for the property (name, location, price, description)
  • Upload high-resolution images of the property
  • Fill in as many fields as possible
  • You can upload a maximum of 20 images
  • Remember to add a YouTube link of your property
  • You can add brochures to your account

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya