How to Take Good Real Estate Photos

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how to take good property photos

In this digital era, people have moved from the traditional way of searching for property and are now doing it online. As an agent or developer, you should move with the times and go where the people are. This means advertising your property online and ensure that your property gets visibility and catches the attention of potential property renters, buyers or sellers which will increase leads for your business.

The first impression your real estate photos give matters. You will either get someone interested in knowing more about your property or they will move on to the next available option. Because they are not viewing it in person, you have to capture their attention immediately they see your images online. Spend time taking quality, listing photos will help close sales and grow your business.

One of the mistakes agents make is not taking good photos of their listings. Are you wondering how to take good property photos? We have come up with these simple DIY real estate photography tips to help you grow your business.

Must-Have Photos

how to take professional property photos

Before you decide to take any images, there are photos that you can’t afford to have when advertising online.

Exterior: You know the saying that goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well in real estate, the opposite happens. People will decide if they want to see the inside of your house if the outside is pleasing to the eye. You will take the best exterior photos during sunrise or sunset.

Living Room: People will spend most of their time in the living room. It needs to look cosy, inviting and homey. When taking photos, look for the right angles that will give the prospective tenant a feeling of what to expect if they move to that house.

Bedroom: This is another important room to showcase. You want to show people that they can go to their rooms and rest. Try your best to include the necessary items that go in the room to give someone a “real view” of what to expect. Don’t have beds that are not made.

Kitchen: When you take photos of the kitchen, you want people to imagine themselves preparing a meal with their family or friends. Show them how easy it is to do so. Avoid taking photos showing clutter in the kitchen or any unnecessary items.

Bathroom: Some people will be put off from looking at a bad photo of the bathroom. You don’t want to lose a tenant because they didn’t like photos of the bathroom.

Put Emphasis on Natural Light

natural light in a home

No one wants to live in a dark house where they have to switch on the lights during the day. This will mean a high electricity bill to the tenant. Most people are looking for houses with natural light. Always open the curtains, clean windows and take pictures at an angle that shows the view someone will get if they do move in.

Get a Professional to Take Pictures

If you don’t have the skills to take the photos by yourself, you should consider getting a professional to take the photos on your behalf. This will remove the stress of taking them by yourself and they will give you quality images.

If you are worried about the cost of hiring a photographer, that should not deter you from getting one. Think of it as a win-win situation. If you use good images, you will find someone to move into your house or office or even buy a house. This cost will be worth it once you close a sale.

Take Pictures from the Corner of the Room

aerial property photos

It is very hard to take photos of the entire room in one take. You don’t want to post many photos of the same room in your advertisement. Taking a photo from the corner will make it look bigger and also give people a better view of the entire room. To make a room look bigger, paint it white and add decor items if your property is furnished.

Get Rid of Clutter

Many people are advertising their property online. To stand out from the other real estate agents, take clean photos that don’t have any clutter in them. Don’t leave buckets, brooms, papers or trash lying around as you take the photo.

This will make the property more appealing to tenants and you will also look like a professional who pays attention to detail. Your property is a reflection of you. If you want people to take you seriously, then provide real estate photos that look professional.


No matter the size of your house, there is no need to have a million photos that show the same thing. It is ideal to pick images from the top rooms in the house. Quality images work better than blurry pictures.

Additionally, using a few images to advertise will still have a negative effect because people will not feel like they have gotten a full view of the house. They will not be motivated to contact you for more information. Property portals will advise you on the best number of photos to upload on their advertising site.

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya