Declutter Your Home for the Holidays

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There is a universal truth that decluttering your surrounding helps you to declutter your mind. You make room for the things that matter – after taking a little trip down memory lane. In a well organised space, not only is everything easier to find but you feel more relaxed. How do you start on the journey? Read the step by step guide below how to declutter your life.

Declutter your Living Room

Be ruthless when dealing with old books, CDs, DVDs and other clutter on your shelves and in your cupboards. Keep the classics that you know you will enjoy again, get rid of all others. To take it one step further, digitise your collection. Your favourite books, music and movies are all available online.

And if you don’t have CDs or old video tapes, you don’t need the CD player or VRC. So while you’re at it, give away or sell those old electronics. And while you’re at it, that draw of cables, charges and adapter that you don’t actually know what they are for? Throw them out. You have the ones you need in active use.

Declutter your Kitchen

We know it can be scary, but it is time to deep-clean your fridge, freezer and pantry. You will be surprised how often the food is no good. Bin anything that is past its used by date.

Afterwards, go through your kitchen cupboards. Have use used that blender? The egg boiler? The rice cooker? If not, sell them.

Have a whole cupboard full of coffee mugs, but only use your favourite one? Keep enough for guests and throw the rest. Any extra pots, pans, cutlery and crockery you don’t use, give it away.

Declutter your Bedroom

If you have not worn that shirt in over a year, you know it’s never going to be your top fashion pick. Make room for new seasons style. Now it’s time to tackle the draws. To stop a jumbled mess of underwear, socks and bras, use draw separators. Same space, more organised. And to avoid that pile of clothes reemerging on your floor, put a few hooks on the back of your bedroom door for quick hang of coats and bags you will use again tomorrow.

Declutter your Bathroom

Don’t let cosmetics languish too long. Makeup and moisturisers that are year old are not doing your beauty routine any justice. Throw them out. If it was too expensive to simply throw out, put it to the front of the cupboard and use it!

Hoarding hairbrushes? When faced with more than three of anything in the bathroom, invoke the Law of Numbers: Keep two favorites, declutter the rest.

Drawers are often the biggest disaster zones in a bathroom. Just think about how much time you’ve spent rummaging around for that hair comb. So for everything that is left, group it into boxes in the cupboards and tray organisers for draws.

Where it should go

Getting rid of clutter is easier when you have a clear idea of where it will go. For everything that is not being thrown out, consider your options.

The best in our view is to sell if for cash. You can do a car boot sale, or yard sale or even hire a booth at a local market for a day. You can also sell your stuff online on a classifieds website like PigiaMe.

Feeling generous? Why not donate your item to charity. To someone you don’t know or even charity to your friends and family.

After all sharing is caring, so why not share the infographic below with friends. Happy decluttering!

Jill Abura
Jill is an International Digital Consultant at Ringier AG, spends her time on research on real estate investment and has a special place in her heart for green building.


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