2016 Rhino Charge: BuyRentKenya Sponsors Team Bundu Fundi

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Rhino Ark is a very prominent Kenyan conservation charity who’s aims are very important to all Kenyans and corporates, including ourselves at BuyRentKenya from a point of view of water resource management and preservation of biodiversity.

The benefit of BuyRentKenya co-sponsoring Rhino Ark from our point of view is to demonstrate that we as a brand are environmentally and conservation minded with regards to sustainable water, wildlife, and forest resources, and human-wildlife conflict in Kenya.

BuyRentKenya are excited to sponsor “Car no. 38 –THE ULTIMATE BUNDU FUNDIS” one of the most consistent and successful teams on the event, having finished in the top three eight times and having won twice; came second in 2015 in one of the closest events ever.

2016 will be their 21st consecutive Rhino Charge! And wish them the best of luck!
Team member Patrick Avery had this to say about the upcoming event happening on May 30 as well as their participation:The Rhino Charge is a very special and unique motorsport event in which teams of six have to drive their vehicle around a selection of geographical points set by the organisers. Normally there are no real roads to speak of and the team that wins is the one that manages to visit all of these points in the shortest distance. It is all about taking your car as straight as possible cross-country through the bush and it is not for the faint-hearted! The terrain is always tough and unforgiving and it takes a fit and organised team to do well. Having a reliable car is also essential.

We are a family based team. My father Sean drives, I navigate, and my brother Kieran is one of our main runners. My sister Kuki is missing out this year because of family commitments but has been an essential member for many years. The other three places are filled by some very close friends. I think this family and friendship based team is what has made us so successful over the years. We understand each other well and we all trust each other.
This is our 21st consecutive event; it is somewhat of an obsession of my family and you could say that we are totally addicted! We have certainly become one of the most consistent teams, having finished in the top three on eight occasions, with five seconds and two first places to our names. These achievements are something that we are very proud of.

The other absolutely essential part of the Rhino Charge is the fact that in order to compete, all teams have to raise a minimum of 1 million Kenya Shillings for Rhino Ark Charitable Trust. This money is used to conserve the forests of Kenya’s central highlands, which protect Kenya’s vital water catchment areas, as well as plenty of wildlife. The communities around the forest also benefit as the fences that are built keep wildlife out of their crops.
We are tremendously grateful to Buy Rent Kenya for their very kind donation towards our fund raise this year and for recognising the importance of supporting environmental and conservation efforts in Kenya.

Nathan Jeffery