6 Ways to Brighten a Dark Living Room

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brighten dark living room

Small spaces tend to look darker when they have too much in them or if they have the wrong decor items. Making a room look brighter gives it a more cosy look and feel. Don’t feel pressured if you are not able to make structural changes to the building. There are easier ways you can do this by bringing more life to a living room and maximising on what is currently available to give it a more refreshing look. 

These tips and tricks will change the visual appeal of your home in no time.

Use Plenty of White

paint your walls white

The simplest way to change the appearance of a dark living room is to paint the walls white. The white will bounce off on any other item in the living room making it seem brighter. Apart from the walls, you can add other white elements such as wall paintings, curtains and even furniture. Be careful with white because it gets dirty easily. 

Get an Area Rug

brighten dark room - area rug

Most modern homes have dark floors or tiles that drain the light from a room. Adding a bright area rug will complement the colour of the walls giving the room a bold look. Remember to keep the rug clean at all times have a tidy house.


Too many items in a room make it look smaller and darker. Start by getting rid of the things you don’t need and tidy up your space. You can decide to give the items to a charity organization or to the less needy. Decluttering your home declutters your mind. 

Buy Bright Furniture

bright furniture - brighten dark living room

When looking for furniture options, go for clean pieces with fewer details on them. If you love carved furniture, try and get one or 2 pieces then the rest can be simple. Also, the colour of the seats will play a major role in brightening a room. The lighter the furniture, the livelier the room. 

Add Lights

Another good way to brighten a dark living room is by playing around with the lighting. Apart from the ceiling lights, try installing wall lights. You can set the mood of a house by switching on the wall lights only when you’re having dinner or watching a movie with friends. 

If you decide to use lampshades, make sure you are careful not to use opaque colours which will make the room seem darker.

Hang Mirrors

brighten dark living room

By adding mirrors, the living room automatically looks bigger and brighter. Hang them strategically above the furniture or opposite the doorway.

Get Light Window Fabric

Heavy curtains and sheers will prevent natural light from entering a room by making it feel enclosed. Keep these light and you will instantly get natural light in a room and give it an airy feel.  

We all want our houses to feel like homes. We will do anything to make them cosy and warm. Try out one of these 6 steps and you will be on your way to creating the perfect place to call home.



Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya