Have You Spotted These Annoying Neighbours?

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Most of us were so used to leaving the house very early in the morning and returning after dark when we used to work from the office. Now that things have changed and you are at home more often, you might have noticed your neighbour’s habits, some of them pretty annoying.

See if you relate with any of these annoying habits below.

The noisy neighbour

neighbours partying in the house

This is the most common complaint caretakers receive from tenants. The guy who always has to play loud music every single day from morning to evening. The same person will host friends who can’t speak in low tones, they start running around the apartment at wee hours of the night disrupting your sleep. Not forgetting the neighbour who will put on earphones then sing his lungs out like he’s at a concert thinking he sounds really good. What of the kids who run around the hood all day screaming and shouting when playing?

Let’s be honest. No one is saying having parties or playing music is wrong. It’s your house after all. But you have to be considerate of the other tenants. Especially now that people are working from home, all they need is a quiet space to concentrate. Also when it gets to night time, loud music past 9 pm is disrespectful. People have babies who sleep early and need their peaceful rest.

Watching the TV at loud volumes

This is another common annoying habit some tenants do. You’ll hear them watching a movie you would think you are in the movie theatre with them. The worst thing is when they use the surround system to watch the movie amplifying the sounds.

The borrower

neighbour borrowing charger

Listen, there is nothing wrong with a neighbour who borrows items occasionally because you are a community and there is no harm in sharing. It becomes annoying when they keep borrowing your things constantly, then they forget to return them so you have to go for it by yourself. Worse still, is when they borrow it, then they spoil it but won’t admit it was them. Or they refuse to return it.

The parking lot drama

If you live in an apartment with assigned parking spaces, there is nothing more annoying than getting home to find someone has taken it. Then you are forced to use someone else’s parking space, who might come to make noise at you and it becomes a chain of angry tenants. Some neighbours will go to the extent of blocking your car to revenge because you used their spot.

The fighting couple

fighting couples

This is a sensitive one. No one wants to be fighting with their partner every single time. But the constant loud fights are pretty annoying to the other neighbours. They put their business in the streets for everyone to know, because most of these fights happen at night, some neighbours will have to wake up from the commotion while others will play the mediator role.

The loud, happy couple

Then there is the other type of couple that won’t let you forget that they are “together”. If you live below someone else, you might have heard neighbours who make certain noises that leave you wondering what is happening upstairs.

The smoker

Do you have a neighbour who is constantly smoking? It could be in the house or on the corridor if you live in an apartment. Not caring which side the wind blows, that smoke smell always comes to your house. Once they are done, they leave cigarette butts on the floor. The smoker who does it in the house; have you smelt how terrible the house smells when they open the door? Dump and gross.

The dirty neighbour

dirty neighbours

Some people love hoarding, keeping unnecessary things in their houses just because. To make it worse, they are hoarders and dirty at the same time. You know what that spells…dirt. This leaves room for rodents and roaches in their house which will also make their way to your house.

The pet lover

Have you come across a neighbour who keeps dogs? The ones which bark the entire night and then are quiet during the day? How frustrating is it trying to sleep but there is a dog somewhere that won’t keep quiet? Then there’s the cat lover. Not everyone is a fan of pets.

Hogging the hanging lines

This is for the people who live in apartments where they have to share hanging lines once they wash their clothes. Someone washes their clothes, then leaves them out to dry for an entire week. Inconveniencing you who has just washed your clothes, meaning you won’t have somewhere to hang them. Then you have to constantly remind them to remove the clothes because they are dry.

The thief

Again, this happens in an apartment building. Are you scared of leaving your shoes outside because they just might get stolen? Some neighbours are used to picking small things from others which is a very annoying habit. That is your home, you want to feel secure in it.

We’ve all come across an annoying neighbour in our lifetime. The best thing you can do if you want to have some peace of mind is to communicate with your neighbour about their annoying habit. If that doesn’t work, you can always escalate the matter to the caretaker or agent to handle it. Don’t sit there in silence suffering. There is always a solution. The other one being you moving out.

Do you have any annoying neighbours where you stay? We’d love to hear from you.

Maureen Mbithe
Content Writer at BuyRentKenya