Stay Safe

We combine BuyRentKenya’s robust technology and a dedicated team in order to provide you with the safest real estate marketplace. However, we only control one part of the buying process. Here is what you can do:

Safety Tips for Property Seekers:

  1. Insist on inspecting the property before buying or renting it.

  2. Meet the Property Agent, Developer or Owner in a public area.

  3. Inquire about the transaction before you make any purchases or sign any documents. Never pay for what you haven’t seen.

  4. Always ensure your paperwork is in order and check the owner’s details on bills or other documentation.

  5. It is safest to contact the Agent through the provided email/phone or whatsapp section on BuyRentKenya. This way we have your contact information and can contact you should we track fraudulent behavior.

  6. Always sign an agreement. Never pay any money based on a verbal promise. Involve either a lawyer or a due diligence company for all sales.

  7. Research on the market rates and understand why a property is valued as it is.

  8. Conduct due diligence when buying land. Use the title deed to conduct a search at the Ministry of Land offices to determine who the real owner is. The search shows you whether other institutions such as banks also have a claim to the land. This helps you avoid buying land which the owner has used to acquire a loan.

  9. When conducting the search, take note of the land’s leasehold status. You don’t want to buy land whose lease status is about to expire.

  10. Check land rates payment. Find out how much money the county government claims on a piece of land. Some landowners do not pay yearly land rates, thus accruing hefty penalties.

  11. Get a survey map. Confirming that a piece of land actually exists on the area’s survey map is even more important than conducting a title search. This is because while fraudsters easily forge title search results, survey maps are hard to tamper with.


Safety Tips for Agents, Developers or Individuals

  1. Ensure you upload accurate images of the property

  2. Ensure you list an active phone number and email address

  3. Ensure your phone remains on, in order to receive calls from any property seeker

  4. Beware of spam messages

  5. Ensure you meet the property seeker in a public place

  6. Ensure you receive your payment before releasing documentation on the property, bought or rented


How to identify potential fraud

  1. Check out the property and price – is it reasonable or too good to be true?

  2. Are you being asked to pay via unknown payment systems, wire transfer, mobile money or via upfront payment?

  3. Is the Agent, Developer or Individual trying to prove the authenticity without being asked?

  4. Is the Agent, Developer or Individual unwilling to answer relevant questions or not answering his/her phone?

  5. Is the Agent, Developer or Individual unwilling to use traceable transport methods?


All Good?


If not, please contact our dedicated team:

Via email on [email protected]

Via telephone on 0703 026 500, 020 2307051


If yes, then search for an advert of your interest here or log in to upload your property listing here