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Farms & Agricultural Land for Sale in Kajiado

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Loodokilani, Kajiado Central
Agricultural Land
Agricultural Land For Sale In Loodokilani (526)
A vacant  6.11 Ha of vacant land suitable for residential development projects . Amenities Include : Road Access, near a water tankLocation: Kisamis Asking Price : Ksh 3 Million Per acre
For Sale
Namanga, Kajiado South
Agricultural Land
Agricultural Land For Sale In Namanga (S51099)
a.516 acres in Lorngusua, Kajiado This expansive chunk of lush land is located in Bisil and it is highly attractive to acumental investors keen to leverage to the present and the future generations. The land can be utilized as a wildlife centre for tourists both at an international and national level. The area is also attractive to international investors and organizations hence allowing the government to have a source of revenue. The government of Kenya can also invest in the land to create job opportunities to different categories of people such as youths, investment groups, families etc. ASKING PRICE: Ksh show me per acre.
For Sale
Isinya, Kajiado North
Agricultural Land
Agricultural Land For Sale In Isinya (S51238)
Land for sale in Isinya.  The parcel is along Isinya Konza road near green Isinya estate,there are good road and electricity near the farm.

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